positions, positioning, positioned
1) N-COUNT The position of someone or something is the place where they are in relation to other things.

The ship was identified, and its name and position were reported to the coastguard...

This conservatory enjoys an enviable position overlooking a leafy expanse.

2) N-COUNT: usu with supp When someone or something is in a particular position, they are sitting, lying, or arranged in that way.

It is crucial that the upper back and neck are held in an erect position to give support for the head...

Ensure the patient is turned into the recovery position...

Mr. Dambar had raised himself to a sitting position.

3) VERB If you position something somewhere, you put it there carefully, so that it is in the right place or position.

[V n prep] Position trailing plants near the edges and in the sides of the basket to hang down...

[V n prep] Place the pastry circles on to a baking sheet and position one apple on each circle. [Also V n prep]

4) N-COUNT: usu with supp Your position in society is the role and the importance that you have in it.

Adjustment to their changing role and position in society can be painful for some old people.

5) N-COUNT A position in a company or organization is a job. [FORMAL]

He left a career in teaching to take up a position with the Arts Council...

Hyundai said this week it is scaling back its U.S. operations by eliminating 50 positions.

6) N-COUNT: usu supp N Your position in a race or competition is how well you did in relation to the other competitors or how well you are doing.

Agassi and Sampras resumed their battle for the world's No. 1 position, both winning their opening matches...

By the ninth hour the car was running in eighth position.

7) N-COUNT: usu sing, usu with supp You can describe your situation at a particular time by saying that you are in a particular position.

He's going to be in a very difficult position indeed if things go badly for him...

Companies should be made to reveal more about their financial position...

It was not the only time he found himself in this position.

8) N-COUNT: usu supp N Your position on a particular matter is your attitude towards it or your opinion of it. [FORMAL]

He could be depended on to take a moderate position on most of the key issues...

Mr Howard is afraid to state his true position on the republic, which is that he is opposed to it.

9) N-SING: N to-inf If you are in a position to do something, you are able to do it. If you are in no position to do something, you are unable to do it.

The UN system will be in a position to support the extensive relief efforts needed...

I am not in a position to comment.

10) PHRASE: usu PHR after v If someone or something is in position, they are in their correct or usual place or arrangement.

This second door is an extra security measure and can be locked in position during the day...

Some 28,000 US troops are moving into position.

English dictionary. 2008.

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